Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Things I see

So today, at work, I sent off a report. One copy went to my boss and the other went to another director. The other director did not change one word. My boss changed enough so that I was working on the document for an hour or so looking up faccts, details, etc. So, who's got the problem? It's the old bat about the 80/20 principle. That last 20% will kill you.

Has anyone seen the CSI shows? How come all the male actors look like tough SOBs? All their lines are trite and arrogant. It really bothers the hell out of me. Can they please go to acting school?

I am turning into a gun nut. Just today, I bought some magazines which discuss guns. I am looking at pistols. Trying to see if I would like to try them out. I am already planning to purchase a rifle from Sako. Add in a scope and it should give me hours of fun on Saturday mornings. Now, the question will be should I purchase some pistols?

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