Monday, January 24, 2005

The Job

Over the holidays, I had decided that financial freedom was the goal that mattered to me. As a long term plan of ten years, that is ideal. But I still have to deal with the reality of life. My current job at the photofinisher's is turning into something that you just deal with.

Last week, I came back back from the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday only to learn that one of the managers who had given a two week notice was let go after three days. The company can not even be gracious when someone has decided to leave. This definitely is not a good sign. It reminds me more and more of the previous company which died a slow lingering death.

What bothers me more is that the upper management essentially set up the woman. They assigned her to do something that was impossible in a short time period. When she and her direct report were ready to accomplish it, the rules changed. Of course, they were not able to succeed. The rules changed in the middle. Then, they assigned the manager to do something that an operator was doing. Who would not want to leave?

The short shrift is that there is a backlog in the photofinishing department. Thousands of reprints are not being done. Hundreds of chemical waste is not being picked up. Privacy concerns are coming up.

I am seeking some other position in other companies. I was even thinking of doing some commercial work as a salesman. God willing, I will get it. Hopefully, your lives are interesting without the stress.

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