Thursday, June 16, 2005

Life in the Firm

It's been about a month since I left the photofinishing workplace. May 13. Who would have thought that so much could change?

I remember my last two weeks at the firm. I no longer cared so the stress level was definitely low. The work was not as overwhelming because I had given notice already. But, there was a distinct sadness to everything. I felt that I was leaving before everything had been completed. Like leaving a project in the middle of the timeline.

But I felt that the future was not good. All the people who made a difference were leaving. The people who could keep the company going were leaving. It was not looking bright with respect to the future of the company. Orders were being missed. Prints were being screwed up. Rolls and rolls of photo paper were being tossed out.

Now, life is great. I am training. I have already gone to a workshop on how to problem-solve. I work with people who are well supported. They might have attitudes with respect to how work is like, but I prefer to try and see that there are actual methods to improve things. No place is perfect, but the law firm is looking mighty good.

Life is an 8.

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