Tuesday, June 21, 2005

UCLA Graduation 2005

I can hardly believe it. Five years ago, the SO's brother graduated from high school and left for UCLA. Five years was like a blink. He graduated this past weekend and I attended the ceremonies for the department of engineering graduation and the PilGrad.

UCLA is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever seen. The architecture was supposed to have been inspired by the architecture of East coast schools such as Princeton. There is something about the bricks, the elevated structures, the hills. Some of the scenery looked like an Italian vista.

One of the SO's cousins went with us. While walking around campus, he asked, "Why are there so many good looking women in UCLA?" Ah, yes, the question that inevitably falls off the mouth of every male who visits UCLA. For some reason, there is a preponderance of good-looking women at UCLA.

When I attended the campus some twenty years ago, my favorite past time was to count how many good looking women were walking around campus. We usually got to campus sometime in the afternoon. And the count would begin at the parking structures. By the end of the day, I would have counted more than 100 beautiful women.

Perhaps, this happens because people in LA just are more interested in looks than anything else. Perhaps in Berkeley, the weather is so cold that women wear sweats and sweaters and this results in them not trying as hard to look good. Perhaps, it will remain a mystery forever.

As I mention this to he So's brother, he asked, "What are you saying about my sister?" Without losing a step, I said "I married the most beautiful woman in Berkeley." Hey, I'm marrying her after all. Hahahhaha.

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