Wednesday, August 17, 2005

50+ Days of Bachelorhood and Civilization

So, I have only a few more days of bachelorhood. The wedding date is coming and there is definitely some things to worry about. Like, forgetting to tell the hotel what food you want to taste. Thus, when we went there, there was no food to taste. Damn. I thought it was just like any food-tasting. They will have something ready. I guess they cook the food really early in the morning.

There are bridal showers and parties and other weddings to attend. It is interesting to compare the weddings to mine. I hope it is not as hectic, there is not that much drama, etc. As the SO said, she shows up, I show up and the reverend shows up, everything is cool.

Have been playing Civilization III and it does show you why it is fun to conquer the world. I can understand why those Americans ended up colonizing the Philippines. There is a rush of adrenaline as you see the resources in that area, and you look at the competitors and you begin getting paranoid that they will get there first.

Sometimes, you just want to pick a fight with a neighbor because you are more superior in military terms than they are. That's what happened in the last game when France picked a fight against India. It ended up that they were taken out of the continent by the Romans. And of course, I was there to colonize with my settlers.

And sometimes, you would like to trade with them, but they don't have any road or harbor. Definitely, I feel like a sultan trying to navigate my people to civilization. hahahah.

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