Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Aroskaldo by Guesswork

The SO had promised to make aroskaldo (arroz caldo for those of you picky people) for a going-away party. But, she's teaching till 9PM. She'll get home at 10PM. When do you add the shopping? So, like the shining knight Don Quihote, I ride to the rescue. To wit, my shopping list ala Chatelaine:

Tatang's Aroskaldo

Minute Maid Premium OJ: prevents cold sores due to lack of vitamin C

Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Yogurt: Wedding coming up; gotta lose some pounds

Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Yogurt: In case the cherry garcia yogurt sucks

apple turnovers: can never go wrong with pastry

challah: can never go wrong with bread

chicken drumsticks from safeway: ah, bland chicken

ginger root: to foment a revolution

minced garlic: too lazy to chop them myself

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