Sunday, February 26, 2006

Christening and Baptism

Yesterday was the baptism of the twin nieces. I was not there for the baptism of the first one. No money and no time and too much stress on the job, if you can believe that. Now, with my newfound outlook on the way things work, HAHAHAHA.

The baptism was held at St. Leo in Oakland. The church allowed for private baptisms. I suppose that there are not that many parishioners here as anywhere else. In other places, there are mass baptisms. Ten to twelve families are present. Imagine…. with Pin@y ninongs and ninangs, that is a ton of people!

It's my second go round as a ninong. The first was in the Philippines when I was barely in my teens, maybe 12 or 13. Now for the second go round, I am hopefully wiser and smarter.

Lunch was served at East-West Ocean Seafood restaurant in Alameda, where the food is great and plentiful. That is where my wedding banquet the evening before was held. The menu on the books were shrimp with mayo, broccoli beef, chow mein, peking duck, spicy chicken, and fried rock cod fish.

Afterwards, we trekked to the SO's parent's house to regroup as the parents of the twins went off to money group.

I took care of the nieces. One of them C was crying a whole lot. I ended up placing her on her chair and then singing to her. That calmed her down for a few moments. But later on, hunger got the best of her. Only milk was the pacifier. The other twin V I managed to feed some milk. It was funny because she knew exactly that it was food. She grabbed the bottle as much as a six-month old baby could grab. Bwahahahha. "Give me that uncle!" And E the eldest, I ended up changing her diapers. That was a true sign of love I tell you!

I also continued with my experience of speaking with Caucasians to get rid of my colonized mind. I realized that one does not have to fear them. One can only try to understand them. So in that vein, I spoke and "hosted" Bob the father of my brother-in-law. A very interesting man who taught for 37 years at Marquette in Wisconsin.

For dinner, it was off to Fenton's where the food was ice cream and the portions were great.

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