Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Life and all of Its Glory

Life & Its Glory

Last night, I was supposed to go to Japantown to run some errands. Instead, I got out late to finish a report. Then I figured out that I could wait for the SO to leave her French class and then we both go to Japantown and have dinner there. It's part of the lesson that Tuhan Joe Arriola taught me. I need to build special events and memorable moments every day, every week and every month so that the marriage does not falter or fail. It is up to each individual in the marriage to carry the burden of expectations and disappointments. It is also up to them to creat edifices commemorating said love.

To wit, I decided yesterday as I was driving from work to home to cook dinner. So off to Safeway where the shopping list included: portabello mushrooms, mint, hot chile sauce, Padrinos chips, celery, baby carrots, some chicken wings and chow mein and bread. I broiled the portabello mushrooms for 11 minutes. I had placed on the mushrooms some cheese and olive oil. In a bowl, I had crushed some mint leaves; WOW, the aroma was amazing! Added olive oil and chile paste and Hoisin sauce. Then I placed that mint concoction on the mushroom before grilling. Can you say freaking noveau cuisine??? I think SO!!!

Life is wonderful and it keeps getting better and better.

Also had a Toastmasters meetings where I hosted the table topics. I sang the theme song from "Love Boat", but not the whole version because someone was averse to it staying in her head for three days. I asked the speakers to speak about long-stemmed roses, chocolate, first date and memorable dates. I mentioned the pscyobitches from hell whom I knew. And it was great pain and therapy for everyone involved!!! Woohooo!

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Efren said...

It's amazing what happens when you cook from a place of love--everything turns out incredible. Hell, when you live and express yourself from a place of love, everything around you seems that much better. That's probably the one thing I've learned the most the past few months, and I'm learning to apply that all the way around. The world's a better place when that happens.