Sunday, February 26, 2006

Marcos, the Great Dictator

A lot of Pin@ys just don't realize how good Marcos was. Examine what is going on in the Philippines, and you will realize incompetence. From the government that is continuously fumbled by Gloria Arroyo to the rebel leaders in the military who can not have a coup attempt without everyone knowing it, the Philippines is in a sad state of affairs indeed.

When Marcos declared martial law, he bribed all the military to go with him. He even got them Rolex watches to commemorate the deed. 31 silver dollars? No way! We are talking synchronized watches!

Which lead me to point out that one of teh problems of society is that we no longer have professional rebels, leaders, whatever! All we have are wishy-washy politicans and rebels who can't decide whether to go for the gold or try to get a certificate of merit.

Hoy! Pilipinas! Bumangon ka! Kunin mo yung mga magagaling! Ibalik ninyo sila musa sa Saudi!!!!

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