Sunday, February 11, 2007

I admit, I like synthesizers

Analyzing the music that I listened to while in college and grad school, I realize that I like the technolike sound. Depeche Mode, New Order, Erasure. I never did get into the garage band sound of Seattle and Nirvana. Too much angst even for me. I mean, I like sad, but I prefer happy over sad.

In selecting music for my ipod, I am conscious about how it affects my mood. I want upbeat lyrics. Or upbeat music. I choose to be the master of my life. I choose happiness.

Been speaking with the SO about life and how people make decisions. We break down how other people we know are leading life and we compare how we would do it if placed in the same situation. Certainly, it is not for the weak for there are some situations where the hopelessness can only be cured with a 180 degree change in attitude and dedication.

And so it is with the music. I find I still like a capella. I find that I like easy listening. I find that I like jazz.


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