Sunday, February 11, 2007

Testing the New Blogger

You know, change is part of life. Blogger has switched to a new version. I delayed switching for the longest time, but now, I have made it.

Have been busy teaching the class at the Silicon Valley business school. You will be surprised by the amount of bitching and moaning I am encountering from the students. It's as if they came from high school and don't know any better. One guy complained about the write-up of his proposal for the entrepreneur class that I am teaching. He did not even use complete sentences. Bwahahahhaha!

We went to an a capella concert after not having gone for quite a while. What a magnificent show. The BYU Vocal Point won the Western sub-regional. Last year, they won it all. Pretty good showmanship and effort. My favorite was the Michael Jackson Thriller, complete with dance moves.

Have also completed the ripping of my old CDs. Overall, my taste can stand the test of time. I have a capella CDs from the 1990s, Miles Davis, Beatles White Album, Depeche Mode, Eraseure, Filipina singers and a lot of jazz.

The gout has been acting up. Gotta keep eating the leafy vegetables. It's weird when I buy Ranch 99 vegetables. They actually let the plants grow to flowering.

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