Sunday, February 18, 2007


Last week, the SO and I ended up watching the sister's kids. A set of twins and a single. The kids get excited whenever we come. I guess they know the difference between mommy and daddy versus guests. I guess they know they can get away with more things with the guests.

Very cute. Very cute. It's fantastic to see their development. I can understand why other scientists go into child development. To see the children accumulate data and then process it is an amazing thing to behold. Furthermore, the growth rate of advances is logarithmic. The twins have mastered walking and are trying to master talking. I take some videos so that someday, they can see themselves.

It makes me wonder about my family to be. How will I hold up to the crying for food, food, I'm wet, food, food. It will no doubt be an interesting ride.

As I said, teaching at a law school in Silicon Valley has been a challenge. Clearly, some of these would-be lawyers just don't know how much work is to be done. One guy asked if he could now go into trial after my class. Well, he did have 15 years experience as a law clerk.

The gout is still with me. I'm just going to need to eat vegetables. Oh, if you are in the Oakland Area, I suggest MEZZE in Grand Avenue. Delicious food!

I had the Caesar salad, the filet mignon and the chocolate mousse. The SO had tuna tartare, duck breast, and Pear Napoleon. Absolutely lipsmacking awesome.

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