Sunday, February 25, 2007

Take Responsibility for Your Life

There have been many types of messages that have been sent to me lately. But the ones that resonate the most are about personal responsibility. Be an adult. Take care of business. Take care of yourself, then your family. Be a man. Be a human being. Do not give excuses. Do not lie to yourself. Do not, do not lie to yourself. Be honest. Be truthful. Don't delude yourself.

If only the people that I have met can take these advice, their lives will be better.

A long time ago, I cut off people that I considered friends. One slight, out. One mistake, out. I thought afterwards that my standards were too high. That I was losing friends unnecessarily. But in reality, I had high standards. I wanted to be rich. I wanted a life that was enjoyable. I did not want pain. I don't like suffering. I want laughter, joy, and smiles all around.

Five years ago, I began studying in detail how to achieve these goals. I learned that I was going about it all the right way after all. It's nice for the universe to confirm that you were doing the right thing twenty years later.


Josh of Arabia said...

another inspirational blogsite..

puede xlink tau tatang..txs

evelyn said...

i agree with you. don not ever lie to yourself. i did before and i regretted it much.