Monday, November 01, 2004

Any title here

Last night's topic in the weekly counseling for to be married Catholics was sex and images of God. Frankly, sex and images of God make me uncomfortable. Perhaps it was because God was taught to me as an all seeing being who watched every single move I made. Kind of like Santa Claus but with God does not bring presents. Or, if you are more practical, God is a voyeur who is really into watching what you do at night before you go to bed.

This has singularly led to the difficult task of praying after having had some unsavory thoughts. How do you speak to your deity after you just made the acquaintance of your favorite movie actress in your mind? The guilt is enough to make me reject God or as what usually happens, you don't pray.

It was explained to us why contraceptives are frowned upon by the Church. The sexual act is a sacred act that is not done for recreation. When having sex, the intent of the two parties is to create a child. It kind of explains how and why the church is so uptight. I always thought that the Church just wanted more and more Catholics on this land. But really, the last thing one needs in this world is an unwanted child. It seems more practical to just accept contraception and other forms of aid.

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