Monday, November 01, 2004

Trick or Treat! Happy Halloween!

Well, I finally went trick or treating around the neighborhood. It's always been a dream of mine.

Some of the houses actually go all out. There was one house with fog, and laser lights and all kinds of cool stuff. When our party went up to the door, there was eerie music. Then, the mannequin looking guy leapt up and scared a cousin of the fiancee! She must have jumped ten feet. And, her scream could be heard down the block. Bwahahha.

Another house had a graveyard, many pumpkins with lights and great decorations. I was telling the SO that when we have a house, we should do something like that. The SO had her hair spraypainted. I did not have any costume on, although with my flashlight, I was the beacon of light so that all could see the sidewalk. The niece was a Hobo, though she did not want to wear the hobo nose. My sister wore the hobo hat. The So's sister was a German minimalist with red hair. The SO's cousin was a 50's diner waitress with blue hair. The SO's sister's boyfriend was a physician prescribing pills.

There were a lot of kids doing Halloween. A group of kids had superman outfits. They had a milk cow with them and Latka of Taxi fame. I figured that we would be seeing those kids on the Castro in about two years. Well maybe five since I heard the Castro went over-21 years old now. Frankly I was surprised to see kids that were over 13 years old looking for candy. It seemed like they should have outgrown this. But then again, here I am excited over Halloween.

The SO's area was interesting because it was Piedmont, which is the high end neighborhood. Many of the people who answered the door were older retired folks. But what houses! Man, they were well decorated and very very rich. Some of the folks who had kids were actually older people. Maybe in their 40's.

Next year, I hope to get my monk outfit. Though in the Castro, it will get kind of cold. I should have bought that cape from Nordstroms two years ago! Oh well, when the Star Wars Episode 3 comes out, that's when I'll get the cape.

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