Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Crazy Days are Ahead of Us

I tell you... Working in the photofinishing business is probably one of the worst experiences you can imagine. Chemical fumes hit you every hour. It's as toxic as working out next to a guy who has not changed his shirt for three months. Toxic as in smells that clears out your mucus while you are on a high of 103 degree fever.

The only thing worse that I can imagine is working with a manager who is out to get you. When I was a teen, I worked at a grocery store as a butcher. Well, it was a fish store, so I cleaned fish. The manager that I worked with had it in for me just because I could scale a milkfish in ten seconds and leave nary a scale. Can I help that? I grew up in the PHilippines, a land surrounded by the Pacific. I was swimming before I was even born. Let us not even mention that I literally grew up on the shores of the islands.

Anyways, the manager was an odd fellow. She wanted to be better than everyone else. But in a fish store? What? Fastest knifer in town? That was Cruz the other Pinoy who grew up in Lady Imelda's backyard. The stories he would tell about Imelda before she became the first lady of the Philippines! He said that she was like a star in a dark night. Hard to imagine I know.

But the manager was an odd fellow. Sometimes, her desire overwhelmed her good judgement. Thus, her irrational idea of chasing out every single butcher who worked for the store. Last I heard, the store was going under. I guess it's all that good vibe the store encouraged.

It's probably time to forget the manager. But sometimes, the pity overtakes me. This fellow was so odd, I can't imagine her having a good life. Hmm, maybe it's just the karma hitting her back.

Speaking of insane managers, today, the supervisor approached me and told me that I had a presentation for the other directors. I need to show them how the accident happened over thanksgiving weekend. All that in six hours. Thanks a lot Maude. I was so stressed out that my day became a 3 on a scale of 10 at 9AM! But then I settled down after talking to my fiancee. She is so blessed. Sometimes, I don't know what I would do without her. Well, I would have walked out of that little booth on a corner I tell ya!!!!

When I worked out yesterday, the day became a six. I was a little bit better than I was on Monday. I ate Pinoy food at Ongpin, and ordered bbq chicken. the chicken was kind of raw in the inside. but it was bbq.

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