Saturday, January 21, 2006


I introduce from my womb...

well, from my voluminous girth....


Inspired from the hay-na-ku form, the balut-na-ku are ruminations on a Pin@y lifestyle centering on that favored of eggs: Balot!!!

In search of the True Pin@y!


Okir said...


To tell the truth, I've never been a balot aficionado. But I'm wondering -- should there be any concern nowadays about Avian flu being transferred through Balut?


TatangREtong said...

Well Jean, if you cook the egg long enough, that should kill the virus in the egg. Outside the egg is a different matter. If there was avian flu virus on the outside of the egg, chances are that the person who collected the egg would be dead. In which case, the CDC should be called in and the process of destroying the whole duck farm would begin ala England's mad cow disease mayhem.