Monday, January 23, 2006

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year! Dog = 2006

A friend passed this along. So now I pass this on to you, my friends!



The year of the Dog begins on the new moon of January 29th, 2006. (Chinese new year begins on the second new moon after winter solstice.) Dog year is a time of fairness and equality. Controversial issues are given their due, revolutions are successful, politics are liberal, and social oppression is opposed. Integrity and honesty are the values that lead to success under Dog's watchful and just influence.

People born in Dog years (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) possess the admirable qualities of loyalty and integrity. They empathize with the underdog, and champion fairness and rights for all. Honest and trustworthy, Dog people make excellent friends and will always take your side. They have an innate sense of fair play and honor their commitments. Dogs won't hesitate to make sacrifices for the people they love and the causes they believe in; Only a Dog will loyally stand by when others have abandoned a cause. Dogs prefer to live an impeccable life, filled with principles and dignity, always willing to be a crusader for noble ideology.

Direct and frank, a person born in Dog year does not pay much attention to superficial details and has little patience for frivolity. Yet they like to be spontaneous. They prefer to react to rather than plan for a situation. They are extremely loyal in partnership and do not lightly consider having an affair. Because of this dedication, Dogs can be quite selective in the beginning stages of courtship. But when Dogs fall in love, they fall hard! They are hot-blooded and emotional, and feel all things very deeply.

One challenging trait for Dog people is that they can, at times, be judgmental or extreme, acting as if color blind and only seeing issues as either black or white. Others are either friend or foe, good or bad, right or wrong. But Dog people's quick intelligence help them to jump to the right conclusion. By applying their keen senses, Dogs can avoid problems. Dog correlates to the Western sign Libra.


Rat: Spontaneous Dog and planner Rat are very different, so anticipate some minor conflicts this year. Rat's individuality may be curtailed because it is best to comply with the wishes of the majority. Don't overthink or fret about small issues, and avoid a pessimistic or critical attitude in relationships. The spotlight will be on you in Rat year 2008 when you will start a new life cycle.

Ox: Stay strong and steady this year. Problems with others can be resolved through honest communication and attention to duty, and Ox is known for attention to duty. At times life may seem that as soon as one issue is resolved, another problem arises. But no challenge is so overwhelming that powerful Ox cannot handle it properly.

Tiger: Strong Dog and brave Tiger are best friends (along with Horse) so expect a superb year. Tiger experiences much fun, social success, and a great year for marriage and having a child. Work is also successful with good investments and fortunate enterprise. Tiger might even find devotion to a cause under Dog's idealistic influence.

Hare: Expect a pleasant and lively year because Dog is Hare's friend and defender. Recovery from the previous Phoenix (Rooster) year difficulties is foreseen, but career still requires attention. Sensitive Hare benefits by being diplomatic, which is Hare's strongest trait. A favorable year for romance and marriage, as is next year 2007 Boar year.

Dragon: Mighty Dragon could experience an uncomfortable year because Dog is opposite Dragon. So time to lay low, or as low as Dragon can. Plans could be delayed, there could be challenges manifesting your dreams, and people seem contrary. Dragon benefits by cultivating the Dog qualities of practicality and realism, which are not Dragon traits. Not a favorable year for marriage.

Serpent: Dog and Serpent are on different wavelengths, so anticipate problems concerning values, viewpoints, and ideologies. But if wise Serpents keep their opinions and insights private, and not draw attention to these problems, much can be accomplished. Dog year can be a time for new endeavors as possibilities for advancement materialize.

Horse: Expect an exemplary year because Dog and Horse are great friends. Horses can succeed in business and academics and accomplish goals. Important and influential people offer guidance and opportunities for advancement. A great year for marriage, children, travel, or a new home. Luck is with you.

Sheep: Issues could arise from neglect and lack of support from family and friends so be stronger and more independent this year. And don't become overly involved with the problems of others. Leave the rescuing to the Dogs and avoid co-dependence. Sheep does best to remain neutral and avoid rushing in to help those who will not appreciate Sheep's sacrifice. Consider taking care of yourself instead.

Monkey: No-nonsense Dog sets the tone for this year, so not a time for risks, new endeavors, or wild Monkey schemes. Don't let Dog's pessimistic attitude darken your usually sunny disposition. If your energy is diminished, care must be taken with health. Financial difficulties can result if Monkeys overextend, so play it safe and a bit more conservative than usual.

Phoenix (Rooster): Good fortune continues from the previous Phoenix year with opportunities for a new home, career advancement, and travel. Socializing, good times, and enjoyment prevail. Financial difficulties can be circumvented because Dog's influence offers Phoenix the qualities of honesty and integrity.

Dog: Dogs benefit greatly from the influence of their own year. Endeavors are successful, career achievements are attained. and the political climate is perfect for Dog's altruistic sensibilities. Outstanding time for marriage, children, falling in love, and travel. Political involvement brings rewards.

Boar: Expect a comfortable year of stability and security. Affairs are in order, although not many new opportunities for advancement are foreseen. So enjoy life and relax. Moderation is key. Next year 2007 will be the Boar year when you will begin a new fortunate twelve-year life cycle.

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