Monday, January 09, 2006

SuperVillain Am I

Yes! I am participating in the SO's play written by a poet, which is a fundraiser for Small Press Traffic. I am the sidekick villain. My name is BLOCKHEAD!!!! Tan-ta-na-naaa!

The rehearsal was yesterday, and I almost keeled over from the excitement. I was so excited that I missed the timing for my line! Well, I was trying to figure out that I needed a code for when to shoot my pistol! Whoop! Wheeep!

After rehearsal, I played host to our guests. We ended up cooking a half-cooked Zachary's pizza, warming up an aple pie and serving water for drinks. The guests said I was the hostess with the mostest.

The SO ended up cleaning the apartment for the rehearsal and rearranging the boxes from my move-in such that we now have our living room again. As a reward, I took her to a Japanese restaurant in SF's Japantown.

As a teaser, I would like to mention that in the play, I showcase my prowess with pressure activated light shows and one can see my doctoral regalia. It's our uniform for the super-evil group known as THE CANON. Tan-ta-nanaa!

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