Friday, January 13, 2006

Me Blockhead, Who You Again?


Well, final rehearsal was last night at College of the Arts and Crafts in San Francisco. The school is located in a desolate area of San Francisco. Right next to the school is the Greyhound terminal, where survivors from San Fran's nasty treatment can hightail it out of the city.

The whole shebang was about fifteen minutes. Right on the timer set for the play. The cue-to-cue was excellent. Of course, that was courtesy of the SO. And check out the doctoral gown! It has not been used in seven years. I decided to use it in the play because the play is something fun and different. The last time I wore the hood and garb was during my graduation. By the way, if you are wondering, that is the official garb of the University of California.

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EILEEN said...

You stole the spotlight!

Congrats on your acting debut!