Friday, April 30, 2004

It's the end of a month, a beginning of another

It's hard to believe that by the middle of May, I would have been here at work for three months. The amount of work has risen accordingly. Scheduling, finding, reviewing and managing form the bulk of my work. The joy however is made up of interacting with the few Filipinos in this company. I would suggest that if one had a company of all Pin@ys, the work would always get done so long as you don't get the typical bossy show-off managers.

Work has been intruding on my writing at the train, but I just have to make better decisions and I will continue to write. It's just that this week, for some reason, it was easier to be a vegetable at the train than do something else. My schedule is that on Monday and Tuesday, I leave at 5PM. Monday so that my work week begins at a slow pace. Tuesday I leave early because of the school for real estate appraisal. Wednesday and Thursday, I end up staying late till maybe 6 or 6:45. That is how much work that has to be done. Today, Friday, I don't know. No one usually stays late on Fridays except my boss so maybe I just leave at 6PM.

Felix the Fern is doing well at my office. I was thinking of bringing over a fountain, but maybe, I will just set up the fountain at my home. Ooops, it looks like I overwatered my fern. No matter, I will not be here on Sat and Sunday so he'll be rather dry then. The other plant at home was wilting last night and then I forgot to take care of it. I had to rush out of the shower today and water the plant before I forgot once more. I have to e-mail the SO to make sure she checks the plant.

My brother visited last week and my sister will visit next week. I feel bad about not getting to spend a lot of time with them, but work calls and I can't do sick time or vacation time because of my New York trip. That is a bummer. No matter, maybe I will try to visit by just travelling on a weekend or something like that.

My personal projects have been listed. I tried to get my photos from Ritz last night, but I could not. It was a no go because they close at 8PM. I got there late. Gotta start the album and get my internet site open.

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