Sunday, April 25, 2004

The SO's family

For those who have been wondering what SO means, it stands for significant other. While a member of the group Echo in New York, I heard this terminology used in the groups. Yup, I was a member of Echo while I was still at Berkeley early on in my graduate school. I began writing and bitching as an echoid and haven't stopped since. Sometimes, I wonder if the posts by one Berzerkeley are still being read in the echoid threads.

I will continue later as my brother is visiting and we're chatting it up about family.

Several days later, on a Thursday, I am back. Yup, the family of the SO had one of those large parties celebrating one of her uncle's birthdays. Awesome food, awesome food. The major players of the banquet were lechon king of fiestas, pinapaitan queen of soups, oysters the best of bbq, and fresh tuna cooked as Hawaiian poki. The lechon was cooked Pin@y style with a five year old kid staying up late at night fending off mountain lions as he turned the pig on the spit. The pinapaitan was made by Uncle B who slices and dices the ingredieants with love. The oyster was bought fresh at Seafood City. The fresh tuna was bought by the SO from the farmer's market in Vallejo.

Everyone was there. The party was fun but miraculously, it only lasted till about 9PM. That's because all the uncles and aunts went to gamble at Cash Creek. You know them Pin@ys. Food, Drink and Gambling. We make our religion work for us!

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