Saturday, April 17, 2004

A letter from New York

Sent to my friends from graduate school:

Hey everyone! Guess where I am at. Here are some clues:

M____ spent one and a half years of trauma in this location.

For dinner, we ate a $12 pastrami sandwich and a $14 blintz.

We went through doggy poop alley or as some would say, Upper East Side.

With the description mentioned above, could someone please slap M____ around and tell him that his nightmare is over. He is no longer in New York, but M_____ and I are!

The itinerary for today is Tiffany's the jewelry store, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Natural History. It's great to see what the white man has stolen from the third world (no offense J_____. As a prof at Texas, you qualify as an economically disadvantaged person).

M____, the sirens of the cops, the lights being reflected from the streets, cars and god knows where else is still here. We actually went through Upper East Side and I believe I saw that market where you dropped by to buy some food.

Nice place to visit. We went walking to Times Square and it reminded me of Manila with the street vendors. Paul Jordin watches anyone? HOw about I love new york tee shirts? and how about some photographs of you while walking around? We actually did our portrait by a Chinese artist who sketches using charcoal and a pad. There are many Chinese artists on the streets drawing and presumably making a living. I hope they make lots of money.

God Bless America! and God Bless YOU GUYS!

Take care,

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