Thursday, April 07, 2005

Human Priests
"heartset' of priests and the priesthood. im no priest but priests desire power at the expense of their soul. they only desire the power to serve and to shepherd! the ability to affect.. by restyo in the comments section"

I suggest a study of the history of the Catholic Church. I would start with the the Renaissance and the Medicis. Then, I would go to the Vatican site myself. Read between the lines of those treatises and writings. I suggest starting with Paul VI and his "Humanae Vitae." Anyone who reads that with an open eye will see the desire for power. Then, I would work backwards from Paul VI to the other popes. That should at least awaken you from your dream.

Just because one is a cardinal does not mean that one does not have a human heart. Marcos is the prime example of a man gone wild with power. Examine his earlier writings. He was one of the people as a congressman and a senator. Only when he was losing the presidency did he grab everything in sight.

Furthermore, even a priest can sell his soul. Heck, popes have done it. Refer to Martin Luther's revolt against the Catholic church to see why.

And yes, I wanted that power. I wanted to pull the Catholic church into the 20th century. I wanted to get rid of celibacy for priests so that they could marry. Why? So that the church did not have to take psychotic child molesters as priests. I wanted to have priests who had a balanced sex life. I wanted to get women into the priesthood. Why? Because it would be equality. I wanted to expand the reach of the Catholic church into the world. I wanted to build relationships with the other religions. The world does not have to be Muslim versus Christians just like the Philippines.

Imagine if a Filipino pope could only sit with the Muslims of Mindanao. Imagine what that would force the Philippine government to do. Do you remember the works of Karol Wojtyla and Solidarity?

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