Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spring Weekend and Barong Tagalogs

Another wonderful weekend has passed. I have been trying to leave work at work where it belongs. Friday was spent going to Costco and buying the monthly supplies of orange juice, ham, and bread. The SO cooked up a dinner by Costco: steak with Mediterranean cheese and peppers. But since that was going to be ready an hour after getting home, we ended up eating a pizza at Costco. Talk about a utilitarian meal. Pizza and diet Coke.

Later that evening, we watched two movies from Netflix. I must confess, I am liking watching movies. The Terminal by Tom Hanks and Van Helsing. The Terminal was disturbing because in the relationship portrayed between Hanks and Zeta-Jones, one can see that sometimes, humans are addicts to love and to cortisol, the hormone of defeat. Even when one sees the lack of purpose of an object, one does not want to leave it.

Even now, I am wistful at leaving this ragged cornerstore of a photofinishing place. I have spent one year of learning here. It was better than the last job. It does not pay much $6.75 per hour. But the hours are flexible. It's just that I am looking for better. And I have to believe that I must look out for myself our no one else will. I must find something better.

Saturday the 9th of April was hectic. Had to pick up the photos of the SO's family. I did their family picture. Had to get measurements for the Barong Tagalog. And had to get money. At the bank, I notice one of the tellers looks Pin@y. But something is off. After a while, I realize that her eyes are too much like the Chinese eyes. Then I see her name and realize that she is Vietnamese. I have this theory that out of all the Asians, the Pin@ys are the closest to Vietnamese. For some reason, every time I think someone is Pin@y and they are not, they turn out to be Vietnamese. Maybe I was a Vietnamese in a previous life. I sure do like pho.

Saturday evening, I meet up with the SO and we go to an Indian restaurant in Alameda. I tell her my plan of giving instructions to everyone where one can eat in Alameda. I tell her that there is a lot of restaurants in Alameda, so the guests should not get hungry. I'm thinking that with 400 guests, those appetizers will not last long. Maybe I will tell them to serve cheese and bread. For some reason, Pin@ys do not eat cheese and bread. Bwahhahahha. I have to figure out a way to sneak in some lechon. MAybe at the entrance, I will give each group of guests a tupperware of lechon with mang Tomas sauce.

We visit the SO's sister later that evening to finalize the photos that need printing. Some of my shots are acceptable. Later that night, because of DSL, I am able to surf wedding photographer sites. For the first time, I think I can compete against these business people.

Sunday, I wake up groggy. I spent till 3AM looking at wedding sites. I go home and eat. I plan to do the laundry. But the SO calls and wonders if I can drive her to SF. Road trip??? Of course!!! I spend an hour and a half waiting for her while she is in a meeting for a show that she is directing. That's what is so amazing about the SO. Everyone else would be driven mad by her schedule.

After the meeting, I suggest we go to Vallejo. I want to see the store that sells Barong Tagalogs. She wonders if the traffic will slow us down. But since I believe that God is looking after us, I believe. There is no traffic and we get to Vallejo in record time. We go to the Barong store and examine some barongs. I see one jusi barong that is so elaborate that every inch of the barong was embroidered or burda. I liked the design over the other barongs made with pina. After consulting with the SO, I decide to purchase the barong and ask them to custom-make it. I'll try to scan a sample of the embroidery some time. What was funny is that one of the women who was measuring me was amazed by the SO's and my height. She said that we were going to have tall children. Well, I hope so. I'll be feeding them cow growth hormone so they should grow tall and strong.

We eat at Max's for dinner. The food was good, not great. Had the chopsuey and the bangsilog. The SO had their chicken dinner. We then shop at Valerio's for pan de sal and ube bread!!! With Valerio's in town, Goldilock's and Red Ribbon finally have some major competition.

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