Sunday, April 17, 2005

A new film for the millenium

So we just came home from the relaunch for the company. We are setting out our number one brand film on the market. A new film for the millenium. It's got sixteen layers of chromagenic particles which translates into oogles of strings vibrating at different frequencies. It is said that it is one of the best things to come out of science in a very long time.

During the evening, I thought that relaunchings meant that reporters and the like would be invited. I was wrong. Instead, it was a lovefest of where have we been, where we are and where do we go from here.

Some things which disturbed my existence however was the fact that it seems that the great Kahuna of the corporation will be leaving once and for all. This has been in my dreams for a while, but I did not wish it to be true. However, today, it was confirmed by the lovefest and the testimonials given to this person. It made me wonder about the company because he is the heart and the soul.

There were speeches and there were talks. Some of them went on and on and on. Some of the speeches made me wonder about the direction and the ability of the company to survive in a world of Kodak and Fuji. With these behemoths, would we be able to compete?

I saw the leaders in the company and frankly, I was not impressed. Business is interesting because in some ways, I want to know if what I have seen for this company will become true. Will they make the same mistakes as the other companies which I have been a part of? Or, will they be able to withstand the constant change of the world?

As for me, I wait for word. I prepare my group for the inevitable changes which must occur. I look longingly at the past and gear up for the future. After all, I got a wedding to plan for.

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