Saturday, April 23, 2005

Michael Glen

Mike was a cousin of the fiancee / SO. In the early morning of a Thursday, Mike transformed from matter to energy. The strings which created his conciousness were transformed into the strings which make up another part of this universe.

The police say the following:

Man killed in crash identified

A man killed in a single-vehicle wreck early Thursday has been identified as 20-year-old Michael Macaraeg of Las Vegas. Metro Police said he was heading east on Sahara Avenue near Sloan Lane in a 2004 Acura RXS when he lost control going around a curve and hit a block wall. Macaraeg was pronounced dead at the scene. Excessive speed appears to have been a factor in the crash, police said.

The last time I spoke with Mike, he was part of a group of the So's cousins. They were asking me about their future. I was telling them about a part of each one of them. I made predictions for each and every one of them. For Mike, I saw a blank and then images of money. He was going to be rich. There was no denying it.

I talked to him about his life. He said that he did not have any problems with women because he did not have a girlfriend. All his expenses were his car. And that was pretty much about it. I suggested to him that he should start planning real estate. That with that, he could be rich and prosperous.

As the rain stopped, I suggested to them that it is time to go. As they were leaving, I warned them to be careful driving. It was 1:30 in the morning; the roads were slick; drunk drivers were on the prowl. When it came to Mike, I wanted to take him aside and tell him that he needed to be careful how he drove. I wanted to explain to him that accidents were warnings.

But three things stopped me. I had not seen any signs that I needed to. And second, I did not think he would listen. He was at that age when the world belonged to him. Nothing could hurt him. Third, I did not want to be the overbearing older brother. It was a holiday after all.

On the morning of Thursday, I woke up at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom. I attributed it to the sushi that I ate for a late dinner. In fact, my stomach was rumbling. However, I was unable to sleep till 3:30AM. When the SO got the call, it explained why I could not go back to sleep immediately.

Mike, I had plans for you. You were going to be the sales man for the corporation. You had the style, the smoothness, and the attitude to please and greet everyone. You were friends with everyone and were genuinely nice. You served your family without question and your loyalties were always with the family. When I asked if you wanted to go back to the Bay Area, you just looked far away and said that you liked Vegas. Your family was in Vegas. I guess that you will just have to be guiding the corporation through some other means.

Just as when Ace passed away, I place this accident in a philosophical construct. Having met Mike, having known his soul, I can only say that perhaps God judged him to have completed his learning on this planet. It was time to go to another plane of existence.

I raise a whole jug of Dobra Zmelja. I wish we could have sat down and drank it down with some pulutan.

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