Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rest In Peace Karol Wojtyla

God has finally answered my prayers and have given peace to Pope John Paul II. In the last fifteen years, I believe that John Paul was not giving the orders from the Vatican. From what one knows of old age and senility and Parkinson's Disease, it is obvious that John Paul could not have been the one making all the conservative movements in the Catholic church. I only hope that the new pope makes an effort to bring the Catholic church into the new millenium.

At the end of my undergraduate years, I believe that the Holy Spirit came to me and called me to become a priest. I still remember that night. Restless. Sleepless. I could see my future as a priest and as a cardinal. The changes that I would want to make to the church and the understanding that I could do it. But the calling was not for me. I loved women too much. The sacrifice of celibacy was too great for my soul. I could not do it.

My body failed me. My desire for a family failed me. And now, I look at the church and wonder at what might have been. The desire to power, the ability to change life, the ability to affect the lives of millions is a very attractive one. But part of living is to close some doors and to open new ones. I hope that I can raise children who will make the world a better place. I hope that I can affect people's lives to make them change the world.

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