Wednesday, April 13, 2005

String Theory, Gravity, Electromagnetism and Mind Over Matter

Nova has been showing episodes about string theory. String theory suggests that the smallest component to all matter are "strings." When strings vibrate at different frequencies, they become different types of sub-atomic particles such as photons, electrons, neutrons and protons.

In physics, two principles explain the world. The relationship between gravity and electro-magnetism explain the large macro world. And, quantum mechanics describes physics at the atomic level.

In the show, string theory is described as bridging the gap between the gravity/EM and quantum mechanics. Strings make up all things.

I have only recently seen the phenomena of mind over matter. That is, I had always heard about it. Never believed it. But when I applied it and it became reality, well, how do I explain it? Now, I think I have some sort of explanation. If everything is made up of strings and vibrations allow transformation from one path to another, then the theory should apply to thought as well. That is, one can see thought as just another form of string that vibrates at a different frequency. When one is focused, one can affect other strings such that one's mind is controlling matter.

Amen!!! Hellelujah!!!

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