Monday, September 06, 2004


I have spent most of the weekend with the SO. I have been trying to practice to slow down my anticipation so that I enjoy her company while riding in the car, talking to her in the living room and other "mundane" things. I read in a book by a Vietnamese writer that you must pause and savor the moments that you are with someone instead of wasting it in trying to anticipate the future.

I sat underneath the stars on Friday evening while waiting for the SO to finish Kali class. It was unusual for me to look at the sky and see the stars. I realized that part of human compulsion is to look at the stars and the world and try to order it somehow. Thus we have constellations. That looks like a horse. That looks like a car. That looks like twins.

Saturday, the SO and I went with a friend K to the gun range. It's been a while. i have put away plans for puchasing a gun until I can afford the higher end models. This time, I figured out that I was too low on the table. THat I needed to stretch my back while shooting. And that comfort from the benchrest is a requisite. The goal for us was to shoot the black target measuring approximately ten inches in diameter. The goal for some of the shooters on our right side was to hit the paper.

I was pretty decent. The first try, the shots were consistently up. I had to readjust some and add a third sandbag. That made all the difference as I gradually started hitting the black target. As usual, the SO did not even have to warm up. She started hitting the black rather quickly. The bench was not a challenge for her so she tried the standing up position. But since the wind was blowing, it was pretty hard. What was funny was that in acquiring the target, she shot the target next door. Bwahahhah. K says, "Did you shoot oneof my targets?" Bwahahhaah. I was wondering how come I missed the hole made when she made two straight shots.

Sunday, I went to the bookstore and bought two books that hopefully will help me out at work. One is a problem-solving book while the other is the Pareto Principle Book of 80/20. Turns out that 80/20 just means that the world turns towards imbalance. Through chaos principle, there is an underlying logic that governs events; however, that underlying logic is non-linear. A few inputs can have a humongous effect later on through feedback loops.

Both days, we went to places where the engagement video was shown. I don't like to see myself on TV. Somehow, I am not as debonair, witty and gorgeous as I imagine myself in real life. But that is probably my colonized self talking. In reality, I am probably personalbe, funny and entertaining. Leny cooked enough food for four days (as Cal would say) to celebrate her grandchild's arrival into the world.

I met a couple who's daughter had broken her back while doing some sort of high jump. It was awful as one can see the toll of their daughter's illness. We also spent some time on the road so we could not really get there on time. We were late by about a good two to three hours. Blame thaton the toll bridge near Vallejo. My, it was 1.5 hours getting there. I had to sleep. I did reward the SO with food from Chowking. She wanted halo-halo and I got the taho. We ate in the store since I could not imagine driving and eating taho at the same time. I tried to eat the taho with a straw, but the colonized boy that I am finally gave up trying to be American. I got the spoon and slowly scooped taho. For Leny's party, we brought buko pie and egg pie. I realized later on that egg pie is custard. BWahahahhah.

We spent about four hours speaking to Cal and Leny in the wonderful dusk and evening of Santa Rosa. It was beautfiul. We were probably outside till about 9PM! I asked if it was always that gorgeous over there. We ate some more of the food. Some highlights are the adobo and the chicken. TAsty! The scones were wonderful and soft, unlike other scones which seem to have been set out upon the desert.

We left Santa Rosa loaded with food, one rocking chair courtesy of Leny as a wedding present and a Nigerian jug as an engagement present. Whohoo!!! And yours truly once more am fulfilling the office of servitude for the SO by driving her around the world. By the way, we got lost in some back country around Vallejo and were driving with the air conditioner at full blast. But the places we went to were simply marvelous. Bright gold grass with rolling hills. Truly, one can not help but conquer this land and take possession of it because of its beauty. IN some ways, I understand the covetous nature of the settlers and what they did to the Indians.

Yesterday, we were at A&H' place to visit. We once more brought the video and once more, people were mesmerized by the gifts. I did tell them that I realized that the gifts were nothing. It is what lies in your heart that must be shown in the dowry giving. Now, how do I make a business out of this?

I met Enrique de la Cruz who is the Prof of Ethnic STudies at CSUN. He used to be at UCLA for many years. I spoke to him about how to get a Filipino-American Studies group at UC Berkeley. I threw out the idea that money will make the university listen. He suggested that money with plans upon plans will make the university act. He showed and discussed the ideas he had. He is the first person I have met who is realistic with respect to this. He realizes that we have to cultivate the professionals. It can not be done in ten or fifteen years. It will take twenty to twenty-five years.

His wife Prosie is an excellent cook and a writer. She shared her leche flan recipe to the SO. I am more used to Pin@ys who do guard recipes like their lives depended on it. But this couple wanted to share as much as possible. I'm going to have to aspire to be more like them. To be able to share as much.

And today, Monday, the SO and I take a day of rest. Laundry. Cleaning.

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