Saturday, September 11, 2004

Las vegas

Two hours of driving, two and a half of resting, and then four hours of driving. A lot of driving for the priviledge of going to the city of sin.

The SO was playing baccarat and it looked so easy. My, when I tried it, I did not win a single one. I figured that I was like that character the cooler. I make people lose. The SO said that I should change that. How do you change something like that? I try to, but maybe I should just not play games of chance. Maybe I will play Texas Hold Em instead.

Thanks to my brother, I can now drive long distance without any problem. He noticed that I was too cramped. He told me to make my chair like a LazyBoy chair. Get some air, stretch your legs and relax. Boy, did that ever work. I drove two hours, rested, and drove two hours again.

We took California 99 down to Fresno and Bakersfield. This was a better way to Vegas than Interstate 5. % has jackassess and buttheads. Rude crude and unattractive. On 99, drivers actually pull to the right side to let faster cars go through. By the time we are in Vegas, we caught up with some jacks. People who brake when there is thrity feet of clear space in front. People who travel 65 mph in the fast lane. People who increase speed when cars try to pass them. May their food be bland and their lives uneventful!

God Bless America and Nowhere Else!

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