Friday, September 24, 2004


It's payday! That's a good thing. The last time it was pay day, I was driving towards Las Vegas and enjoying a day off. Today, I am coughing the way of the sick. Getting coughing fits is worse for me because I inherited my mother's predisposition to coughing. It's as if you run out of breath.

But I choose to remember the Las Vegas trip. It was a wonderful time to drive using 580 and then 99 highway. The 99 highway had more towns and was better suited for people like me. The drivers are nicer because they actually pull to the side. And it does not hurt that you have nice big roads to boot.

It's hard to believe that time goes by so quickly. Yet, if you are at work, not quickly enough. There are just too many things to do. If you think of all of them, you get overwhelmed. I try to think of them one at a time.

The car will be brought to the dealer for the 8K inspection. Change of fluids and other good things like that. Four months and 8K miles. Wow. But there were two dashes to Vegas. You figure that was about 2400 miles. So in reality, it was only 5.5K miles. I guess though that it is a lot of miles. I just have to take care to make sure that all the maintenance is done.

Today is Friday. Eight hours to the weekend. May you have a great day and may you enjoy your weekend.

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