Sunday, September 05, 2004

Dreams and what could they mean?

I have had some bizarre dreams lately. The last one is that of the Chatelaineselling some sort of product with the motto of "Poetry Makes You Beautiful." The gist of the ad campaign is that as the Chatelaine reads poetry, she becomes more and more beautiful. After the first stanza is read, up pops a red head on stage right of the Chateaine. By the middle of the poem, a blonde has appeared to the Chatelaine's stage left. And by the end of the stanza, a brunette can be seen shaking her luscious hair to and fro. It was at this point that I notice one of the Chatelaine's underlings (luckily it was not me) speak to the head of the ad company. The major Mojo guy said, "If I were you, I would learn every single thing from THAT woman."

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