Friday, September 24, 2004

Wedding Decorations
This is an e-mail by the SO. It discusses decorations.

Hi Everyone,

Life is going well. Wedding planning is going along. Right now, just
kind of waiting for inspirations for different things to hit. For
those of you who don't know, we have the wedding date set for Saturday
October __, 2005. (Note that that's next year)

One inspired element of the wedding reception is pinecones. We'd like
to gold spray paint pinecones and decorate the reception tables with
them. We like pinecones, plus it's also an homage to Tatang's mother
who used to spray paint them and decorate her desk at work with them.

We need about 150 or so pinecones to put 5 or 6 or more on each of the
30 dinner tables. So, let us know if you know of good pinecone hunting
grounds or if you have a pine tree in your neighborhood. Or if you
happen to pick a few up that are calling "Gura & Tatang" that
would be great too!

We could buy them at a craft store, but they put that funky pine scent
on them and they're ridiculously uniform. Where's the fun in that? We
hope to get a lot of interesting shapes and sizes.

We're collecting them now because I'm not really sure when pinecones
fall, but I think it's in the Fall and we might not have time right
before the wedding to go collecting pine cones. We figure they can
keep for a while. And after we're done, everyone will have some nice
fall/Winter/christmas decor touches to bring home.


PS For folks who like being involved in the wedding process and like
crafty things, we'll have a subsequent spraypainting party along with
others like invitation and party favor assembly gatherings.

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