Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Las Vegas Weekend

The Venetian is beautiful. Granted it is an imitation. But what price would you pay to avoid the associated travel to Europe? Besides, everyone speaks English so you can really enjoy yourself. I specially like the grand feeling of the hotel. For a reasonable price, you get to feel like a millionaire.

I did not gamble. But the SO did and she was very good. The first evening, we tried out the mini-baccarat and some craps. The Saturday evening, it was some of the slot machines and then it was off to pai-gow poker. We were waiting for this table for a while but when the players left, they were going to close the thingie. It was a good thing that one of the floor managers saw us, asked if we wanted pai-gow, and asked the dealer to deal us in.

However, the dealer must have wanted to leave because we could not win for anything. It was a rough education in some ways. It's a good thing a Pin@y dealer came on to relieve the dealer. Next thing you know, we begin winning too. The big win was that this one guy had a straight flush which paid him $250 but also paid every other person on the table $50. The SO was quite lucky too since she got some flushes, a full hand and some triples. She got out of that one with $106.

At the wedding, R had invited two of his friends from college to speak on his behalf. The first one was M who is a lawyer. He had to come alone since his wife was with the kid. He spoke very highly of fatherhood. Like all fathers, he was very happy with the child and told me to get started soon. The other speaker was N. N was some type of consultant who travelled frequently. His girlfriend was from Chicago, and they both met at Vegas.

I was wondering about the dynamics of friends like these. I do not keep in touch with friends from college. It would probably be safe to say that I don't have friends from college. Maybe they were acquaintances. I am closer to my friends from high school. Though I only keep in touch with a handful of those too. I'm very lucky to have the SO in my life. She's my bestest friend and she tolerates my eccentricities.

This post is dedicated to E and R who got married in Vegas on 12SEP04. May the winds of prosperity bring you bounty and happiness.

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