Saturday, February 19, 2005

Breaking down the metaphysical

Last night, I picked up the SO from a woman's Kali class. Tuhan was teaching on his philosophy. What amazed me is how Tuhan has integrated biology into feng shui into martial arts into life. Truly, the secrets of the universe are knowable. The answers are there. One does not need initiation. One simply needs to pay attention.

What intrigued me the most is that while my teacher spoke abou truth, I realized that truth had many different faces. In the search for truth, the ancient philosophers looked at their situation of being born, killing to feed, procreating and dying as a basic to life. The ancient philosophers did not believe that this was it. The point of human existence can not be just this. Thus was created philosophy to understand the purpose of man and woman.

Tuhan on the other hand deconstructed last night so many thousand years of philosophy into his truth: We are born. We kill to eat. We procreate. We die.

In the end, man came back to the original observation.

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