Saturday, February 19, 2005

Wedding Rings

Today, off to Lafayette we went to get our rings made at Ware Designs. Steve is an artist. The first time we spoke, I was impressed with his honesty and his appraisal of engagement rings. When I told him that I was willing to pay for $X amount for an engagement ring, he said that the price was too much. He could make me an engagement ring, a wedding ring and earrings and necklaces for that price.

Today, we saw the platinum comfort rings we asked for. Two weeks ago, we requested that and another set of ring in which the platinum had an edge of gold. I did not particularly like the look of the other set. I thought that the comfort ring was designed so that it would not be a painful burden to wear the wedding band through the years.

When it is meant to be, it is meant to be. Steve informed us that the other company only made the ring when it was ordered and paid for. Bwahahahah. Figures. However, Steve was nice enough to tell us that he could modify the comfort rings just like we wanted to.

When he calculated the price for both rings and he gave me the price, I almost fell on the floor. I was shocked. I could not move and I passed the piece of paper to the SO. She just nodded. I should not have been surprised because Steve did warn me that it was expensive. After the going to the store, I could not stop thinking about the price. It disturbed me.

However, after speaking with the SO and looking at where I am in my life, I realize that it is okay. God will provide for us. I keep thinking that there is only one, me. But I have to realize that there is now a team. US. It is hard to stop thinking in a way of poverty.

Joel Osteen's book says that I should really give myself in the grace of God. He will provide. He will guide. And you know what? He does. Just as we were eating at Bo's BBQ in Lafayette, I realize that I still have to do my taxes. Refund city, here I come!!!

So, as I take steps in the process of one becoming two, I change my perceptions from poverty to prosperity. I need to keep things that remind me of prosperity. These wedding rings will be one of those.

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