Thursday, February 17, 2005

Living and Loving

The beauty of life is that mysteries abound. Sometimes, the mystery is right there where you are sitting. It's you! You are the mystery. How you handle life's little surprises and little curves is a great mystery. From a bunch of molecules to neurons to the brain, it is a great mystery how you handle death, happiness, loss and pain.

Rundmb writes about his time of loss. He poses the question: Does the pain ever go away? He answers that for him, it does not even though it has been nine years.

Nine years is a long time. My mother passed away about seven years ago. It was very painful for the first couple of years. It was such pain that it looked like a blackness that could engulf your soul. At the risk of losing myself to the pain, I realized that I had to create a philosophical framework to rescue myself from drowning.

What I created is as follows. It is for those of you who are in pain. Maybe it will help you ease the pain. I decided that so long as you keep people who have passed away in thought and in your heart, they never really are far away from you. Sure, the physical body has gone. But the world is full of mysteries in which matter beyond physics might be containing the essence of those who have passed.

I subscribe to my teacher's story. When someone dies, they have set you free to be who you are and who you can be. Rundmb is a great example of this. Go read his blog and bring Kleenex.

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