Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

It's the thirty-ninth Superbowl if you can believe it. It's the third quarter and time slowly passes by. During today's pregame ritual, there were references to Janette Jackson's nipple bare last year. I swear, Americans are such prudes. So hypocritical when it comes to morality or the apparent lack of it.

Americans would never complain about the implied sexuality in ads for alcohol, cars and god only knows what else. But see a nipple say hello to the world and it's a fucking end of the world scenario. Call in the FCC, ye christian fundamentalists. Time to start packing the Supreme Court with 60 year old white men whose idea of sex is going to a hooker in the middle of the night.

And we wonder why there are so much perversions and amoral criminals out there. Maybe we don't teach them how to deal with sexuality at all? Maybe because they repress every impulse that they have developed over thirty thousand years of evolution? Maybe because it is human nature to copulate and populate the earth?

I can't wait though until that piece of shit singer who ripped the nipple star from Janet Jackson disappears into oblivion and simply becomes an answer to trivia questions. Talentless hack! May you disappear as your courage and honor did in leaving Janet Jackson bare and unprotected in the media and from the politicians.

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