Sunday, February 06, 2005

Truth Hurts

When I grow up, I want be like the Chatelaine. Go to her entries for 12JAN05 and 13JAN05 and the truth and honesty will smack your face. And if you're into that sort of thing, here are some virtual leather whips. Go out there and whip some of her 5 billion voyeurs hiding beneath the canopy of poetics.

Cut to the chase. Get to the meat of the problem. Say why you are here. I wish politicians, journalists and everyone could learn from the chatelaine. If she were in the Babylon 5 universe, she would have her own disciples and her own church. Hmm, her own church...

Sometimes, my gift of seeing people's lives disturb me greatly. Their possibilities appear to me all at the same time and the images, emotions and their lives are difficult to contend with. Sometimes, there are those whose life is so clear that it serves as a beacon to everyone else. Such is the life of the chatelaine. She forewent the joy of parenting one person (18JAN05 entry to her blog) to become the parent of thousands of poets and artists and creators. The loss of one individual is the gain of thousands. Perhaps this thought might help a bit in the hours when the muse flits by.

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