Friday, February 18, 2005

Prosperity Party Prep

One week ago, the preparations were in high gear for the prosperity party. The SO was going to cook leche flan. For those who are veterans of leche flan preparation, this task is not something trivial. Boiling sugar, Boiling water, Hot ovens. The chances for pain and suffering in the physical realm are very real indeed.

I expected that the SO will make one containers worth of flan. Not a problem. Maybe two, maximum. I'm happily lazing along when she calls for help. I look and see that she has a whole large bowl of leche flan mixture. My heart starts calling 911 for help. I can't eat all that flan!

Anyways, apparently, she was going to cook the flan on top of a wok. Nope, that is not going to work because the electric wok was heating unevenly the water. The result was bubbles which unsettled the container of flan. Need to go to the classic way of doing flan which involves the oven, water and container.

Problem. The SO did not plan on doing it that way. I had to come in to the rescue by finding a container that is large enough to hold pyrex bowls. Hmm, where oh where? Ah, I finally found a nice cookie baking sheet that could hold some water. This is how I saw my mother cook leche flan. The system to cook flan worked, but she ended up waiting till 1 AM to finish everything.

Also, I was stupid enough to think that the SO did not turn the oven on. I stuck my hand into the oven. I now know what 400 degrees C of steam feels like. Luckily, it was a first degree. I was howling with pain. I had to stick the hand under the cold water faucet to do anything else. I learned another lesson. Don't be too arrogant because you found a cookie sheet to use in steaming leche flan.

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