Friday, May 13, 2005

BushShit Economics

So, am I the only one who wonders at the following: Bush orders bases to be closed in the US to save BILLIONS of dollars. Bush creates a war in the search for WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Bush through military continues to CLOSE DOWN bases saving BILLIONS of dollars. Now that we have saved billions of dollars from those cities in the United States, we can send those BILLIONS of dollars OVERSEAS in our war in the Middle East.

So, money away from the US. Money goes overseas. Shit, I knew that globalization was good and great. But this is f*cking ridiculous. This is not even trickle down economics. It is bushshit economics. Take money away from Americans and give it to other countries. F*cking excellent.

Can someone please give me a government who will give 1 or 2 BILLION dollars to education? I mean I like other countries, but take care of America and education FIRST!!!!

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