Sunday, May 15, 2005

Karaoke Magic Sing

The family came up for a visit yesterday. The sister's family is moving to San Francisco, and my sister had to come in for a physical. My brother decided that he might as well come up since my uncle was celebrating his 76th birthday. How time flies. Twenty-three years ago, we landed in America as teen-agers. Now, we are adults, with one of us about to have three daughters. The party was served with the usual tasty Filipino food. Lechon, mussels, pork, beef, and chicken were the basics. Cakes and madjong are for the dessert.

My brother surprised everyone by bringing out the Magic Sing microphone. Who would have ever thought that he would buy one, much less bring it to a family party? Initially, no one except the SO wanted to sing. In fact, the SO nearly jumped off of her seat to grab the mike. There have been instances of the SO borrowing her mom's magic mike and singing the night away.

My cousin J was the first one to try his hand at it. I requested an Ilocano song and he obliged with "Dungdungwen Canto." He must have needed some practice because the mike gave him a 75. When the SO began, she started a list of songs that garnered her 90's and above. This of course brought out the competition. One of our couple-cousins ended up singing. The wife received a 99. She brought the house down with her rendition. Her husband suggested that the mike was sexist because it always gave a great score to the women. Eventually, the husband topped it off with a 100 at which time he retired.

I was initially very shy and unsure of myself. But hey, you are among family. Bwahahahha. So I looked and looked and finally started singing with my very own rendition of Bahay Kubo. When I took the mike everyone was very intent on what I was going to sing. When I started, everyone howled, laughed and some almost fell offf their seat. I continued singing even with the noise. Aba! Pop-star ata ako! My cousin J started throwing balled-up newspapers at me. In fact, he ran out of newspapers to throw, but I kept singing on. Finally, when I ended, I got the score of 95! Bwahahahha. Everyone howled. Comments were made "Ayan, siguro kung hindi mo binato, naka-100 iyan."

As it turns out, you might be out of tune, but hey, you can get a great score as long as you can follow. I love this Magic Sing mike. I followed the song with Anak by Freddie Aguilar; my rendition gathered a 97. The audience laughed. But what stopped their breath was my "Dahil Sa Iyo." The SO told me to channel Madam Imelda. And you know, I am an admirer of corrupt dictators who can sing. So channel I did and voila! 100!!!! That pretty much shocked everyone! Bwhaha. Later on that evening, I channele Pilita Corales and in my rendition of Kapantay ay Langit, I got another 100. I joined the 100 Club as Vice-President. And established the Double 100 club! Never in my wildest dream did I ever see this coming. Tears are just flowing from my eyes. Bwahahahah. Watch out American Idol! I will be the Pin@y Idol! Sasambahin ako para lang huwag madining ang aking kanta!

Come to think of it, I am always in search of things that will amuse the Chatelaine. Karaoke might be one ticket to that ride. Can you imagine her singing? And not just singing, but doing a poetry-singing art performance? I smell a book deal for her!!! How many would this be? Will this be her fifteenth?

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