Sunday, May 08, 2005

Make-up practice session and maganda magazine

Saturday was a make-up session trial with Noel A. I met him while I was photographing Likha. Noel is an exceptional dancer and as it turns out a hell of a make-up artist.

Apparently, the fiancee's eyes do not take too kindly to the color blue. Whenever Noel applied some blue eye shadow, "her eyes changed... her eyes are too strong." The SO ended up with some orange or orange shaded colors. Amazingly enough, there is a lipstick guard which allows lipstick to stay on and on and on the lips for a very long time. Check out Sephora.

As I dropped off Noel at Bart, he mentioned that I was very lucky that I my fiancee was very beautiful and very tall. I nodded my head in agreement. I was thankful that the SO also laughs at my messed up jokes, makes me laugh and makes me go to the gym. Oh, and did I mention that I tag along with her when she goes ice cream shopping?

After the session, we had to check out how well the make-up would last. As it turns out, make-up is supposed to "blend" after application. The SO and I went to the Maganda magazine reception and dinner just to check out the limits of the make-up. Apparently, someone mentioned that the SO was "gorgeous." What am I? Chopped liver? Bwahahahha.

The ultimate test was to have dinner and eat and drink. So off to La Coco's in Berkeley we went. A fabulous restaurant where I ordered the linguine tuttu mare and she ordered pasta with red meat sauce.

Not bad for a Saturday.

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