Sunday, May 22, 2005

Star Wars Episode III

Went to the Grand Lake Theatre yesterday for the 6PM showing. The moviehouse is great because it accomodates many, many people. There were good seats available for everyone depending on one's temperatment. The middle seats are obviously prime seats. I personally prefer the side aisle handicapped locations for the space afforded. There was also a showing of the Mighty Wurlitzer. Very few places offer this grand tradition of the moviehouses. Who can play organs nowadays?

I was not as excited since one pretty much knew that Darth Vader was going to turn to the dark side. My friend A was not convinced of the decision by Anakin. He thought that it was too easy. Well, Anakin was never the sharpest one in the bunch.

The rest of the movie was great. I enjoyed the fight scenes, though the SO said that it did not develop the characters any. I would have chopped off Darth's head at the end instead of leaving him burning on the soil. But that is just me. It's that Pin@y in me I guess.

Afterwards, it was dinner at a Cambodian Laotian restaurant. Good food, just small portions.

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