Friday, May 13, 2005

Last Day

It's my last day at the photofinishing place. I am sad at leaving the place. I guess you could say that I know the hazards too well that I would miss the pain and the suffering. I am sure at the new job that I will also have new problems, challenges and pitfalls, but the current pain and suffering is more attractive than the new unknown pain and suffering.

My coworkers have been great. It is not a perfect place, but my group and the larger group are pretty good. What I lament is that the other groups are unable to support and work with my current group. In some ways, I realize that businesses fail because of multiple failures at each level. Business is so fragile.

If one has a failure at the system level, at the personnel level and at the management level, it virtually guarantees a downhill slide to oblivion. It will be a slow slide, but will be a slide nonetheless.

I guess I will sign off from there by 2 or 3 PM today. I hope that they succeed. I have recruited two people who will contribute a lot to the company. But whether the company succeeds or not is really up to the management.

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