Monday, August 23, 2004

Dowry & Pamanhikan

I am counting on some truths to pull me through the coming weekend. First is that Eileen is really as chatty as her blog. Considering that she will be speaking for my side of the family and that I have been having procastination bouts, she will have an interesting time talking for my family in the pamanhikan. I have given her a list of the things that will be given. I also gave a two sentence description of the promise that the gift means. However, I wonder if that will be enough. After all, Tuhan who will speak for the Fiancee only needs to say "While this gift does seem to show his proper intention, it does not really show his motivation. Would you be able to give something which will prove to the family that this young man is really serious and intent on marrying this fine woman?"

And there is the rub. To speak for the groom's side, you gotta be quick. I wish I could be that quick, but I am not. Been about six months and no visions or anything has come. DId I mention that my graduation speech came to me as I slept on the floor next to my mother the night before the speech? I worried the hell out of the professor in my department. He kept seeing me twist in the wind. But I did manage to pull that one off. Enough emotion, promise and cheer for everyone. But this pamanhikan, who knows?

The second truth that I am relying on is that the fiancee loves me enough that even if I screw up the pamanhikan, she agress to marry me.

I choose to be happy. I choose to be happy. I choose.

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