Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Vegas Two

We get to Las Vegas Friday evening. I end up chatting with the SO's cousin A who is about 12 years old. He asks intelligent questions about his future. What should he be doing in high school? what is the goal? What should he be trying to accomplish? How about college? He wants to go mechanical engineer. I told him that he needs to start seeing things in terms of business. That everything runs on business. YOu can be comfortable and be a scientist/engineer in school or you can be comfortable when you are working.

The next day, the SO and I go around to businesses fixing up her house. There are some amazing things to be done in houses in Vegas. But, the median income is 40K. How can the normal people afford the everyday price of houses over there?

The wedding is up next at about five o'clock. We end up waiting longer in the parking lot of the Chapel of the _______ than the time we spend for the wedding. Vegas weddings in chapels are interesting. There were four or five brides over the time that we were waiting. I don't know if that was good or not, having so many people.

I take some photos with the digital camera. Somehow, they don't have an official photographer. However, they do have a friend who is a videographer. Hoope that one works well.

The reception is at the house of their parents. They did a very nice job fixing the backyard. It was very nice for a Vegas evening. Not too hot.

I spend some time later that evening talking to another of the SO's cousins who is a senior in high school. He would like to go to UC. I told him the essay is the key. YOu need to tell them how special you are.

The evening ends with lots of good food and good conversation. Oh yeah, we go to the casinos.

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