Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Las Vegas

It is amazing what a day off and a vacation can do for your state of mind. Went to Las Vegas this past weekend, and I swear, I did not think about work and the state of work that whole time.

We went on the Friday on a road trip. Since college, I always wanted road trips. Now that I have a car, I can do it. Interstate 5 is just plain crazy. There was a guy who kept drifting off to sleep in a Mercedes. We were wondering if he would make it to where ever he was going. The trucks were plentiful. I just don't remember this many trucks on the road. Passing them seemed very risky what with rude drivers trying to pass you on your right side. And then there were the crazy drivers who would slow down in the passing lane and then speed up when you try to pass them.

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