Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Las Vegas

The trip of two weeks ago went by very quickly. Everything started well. I even got to the SO's place all ready to go. The SO was still sleepy and I had to jump up and down her bed to wake her up. The SO's sister was a different matter. We had to wait for her to take a shower and wake up. But no matter because it was better to have three drivers and have someone who has already done the trip than anything else.

The first stop was the San Ramon Marriott. Definitely a lot better than the Concord Hilton because these people actually returned phone calls. Concord Hilton did not even though the SO has tried. October is full of conventions so we have had to reset out wedding date. Thank goodness we are doing this one year in advance. The Marriott is nice though it does not have as sophisticated an entrace as the Hilton. There are also no pianos to be seen so the SO's cousins don't have to perform and entertain the crowd during the cocktail hour.

Since the vibes were good at the Marriott, it was decided to go ahead and use that location for the reception. 300+ people. A lot of people.

Off we went to have breakfast at one of these roadside cafes. The food was definitely excellent for someone who has not eaten and who thought that McDonalds was a good idea. Eggs and bacon are only eaten on the roadtrip. Somehow, the SO frowns on my buying bacon at Costco.

So we begin driving in earnest. But then we see a fruitstand and we have to stop. However the stop is worthwhile because we buy a melon that is very good. I did not know that we would be eating the melon at 10PM on Sunday evening on the way back to Oakland, but hey, life has a funny way of making you smile. We ended up buying some chocolate covered nuts and some other nuts that were covered with sugar.

Finally on the way to Las Vegas. It is about 2PM!!! We are barely out of the Bay Area. We end up stopping at 5PM at Barstow to get some chicken mcnuggets. A loading fuel stop and off to Las Vegas. The final two hours was just long. We get home in the dark at about 8PM. Exhausted and tired.

We eat some chicken and the SO and others go to the Strip. I never liked to just walk around the strip. The place is gaudy so I stay at home and talk to the SO's cousin who is starting high school. I gave some tips on high school and what to learn and not to learn. Some tips on parents and siblings and other stuff.

I get to be Big Brother since I never had any little brothers or sisters. Hopefully the advice I gave was good.

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